Bathroom Interior Design
Residential bathrooms serve many functions. No longer simple utilitarian spaces, bathrooms often seem to be the last refuge from the hurried pace of modern life. Bathrooms have unique requirements where safety, sanitation and water restrictions are concerned and knowledge of the innovative products meant to create code-compliant, easily maintained, spa-like spaces is critical in the planning of a residential bathroom.

A major consideration often overlooked in a bath remodel is the safety of the user. Thoughts of slip resistant surfaces often enter the mind of a first-time remodeler; items like the future need for balance bars or easily accessed shower and baths are not. Something as simple as a shower curb poorly planned can create a barrier to not only aging residents, but young active users sore from a vigorous workout. A trained and experienced designer approaches projects like a bathroom remodel with the kind of "big picture" thinking that results in spaces that are not only beautiful, but functional now and for years to come.

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